Tracy Dekker

Pilates & Body Rolling Instructor

Tracy was introduced to Pilates as a student over 10 years ago. As a dance teacher she fell in love with the classical pilates method of balance of body, mind and spirit. In 2009 she made the plunge into the world of Joseph Pilates, studied under Matilda Christensen and Veronica McClurg, the only 2 teacher trainers of Classical Pilates in Canada, and graduated the Teacher Training Program which is a one year program and requires over 950 hours of intense training. This program is recognized as one the most well respected and thorough programs in the world who’s headquarter are at “The Pilates Centre” in Boulder Colorado.

Tracy continues to explore Pilates by taking classes and workshops and believes that there is no end to the depth of the work. She truly believes that Pilates is the best form of exercise and considers it to be life changing not only physically but mentally. Tracy brings both energy and enthusiasm to her classes and enjoys watching clients feel the wonderful benefits of movement done correctly.

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