Gone Fishin’ 1st, 1st high score overall, 3rd Rose Gala Final 

(choreo by Miss Heather)
Waves 1st
Masquerade Ball 1st, 6th high score overall
Kayla Zuo 1st
Kaiya Ardron 2nd, 7th high score overall
Nanami Kato 1st, 4th high score overall
Gabriela Garbutt P
Colby Mackenzie 3rd, 10th high score overall
Lady Bre’s 1st
Geisha’s 1st, choreography award-Miss Lindsay
Katie Pires 3rd
Vienna Cipparrone 3rd
Kayla Ryder (BC) 2nd
Alicia Garbutt (BC) 2nd
Sienna Lakovic (BC) 1st

Ariel Cai - Fresh Intensive Scholarship
Alicia Garbutt - $400 Fusion Scolarship


Dance Power Burnaby #1

Chenmay & Vince Zhang (J) HS, 10th overall
Miranda Cipparrone (J) HS 2nd
Miller Amado (J) G
Malia Hsue (J) G
Deeba Soltani (J) G * (great style developing)
Aliviah Prasad (J) G
Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend (T) HS
Dollars? (T) G
Miray Ozgur & Aylin Ozgur (J) G, 4th overall
Lady Bees (BDC) HS
Gone Fishin’ (BDC) G 2nd
The Royal Palace (BDC) G
Charlie Cranston (J) G
Emme & Miller Amado (S) G
Ariel Cai (T) G 1st *(excellent understanding of phrasing)
Brooklyn Macintyre (T) HS
Ella Xiong (T) G 3rd
Danica Howieson (T) G 3rd
Lina Parker (T) G
Vienna Cipparrone (T)G 2nd
Katie Pires (T) HG 1st, 9th overall
Kung Foo Fighting (J) HS
Disco Wedding (J) G 1st, 10th overall *
Charlotte Lau (C) G
Geishas (BDC) G
Baby I’m A Star (J) G 2nd *
Katerina Sarneva & Alicia Walton (C) G
Ariel Cai (L) HG 1st, 1st overall
Katie Pires (L) G 2nd
Car Wash (J) G
Danica Howieson & Lina Parker (BDC)G
Funky Monkey (A) G
Cassidy Weiser (T) G
Sisiley Kotopski (SD) G
Lilac Elliott & Veronika Vrastil (S) G *, 1st overall
Khloe Keller (BDC) G 1st
Queen of The Waves (J) G 2nd
Space Jam (HH) HS
Lina Parker (HH) G
Gabriela Garbutt (L) G
Jacqueline Chai (L) G
Sienna Lakovic (L) HG 1st, 1st overall
The Show down (HH) G
Lost In The Jungle (HH) G
Groove (M) G
Time Through (M) G 3rd
Alyssa Hill (S) G
Rescue (L) G 2nd
Revolution (L) HG
Kayla Ryder (C) HG 3rd
Emily Rosh (C) HG 2nd
Monica Tanushev (C) HG 1st, 2nd overall
Gabriela Garbutt (J) G 2nd
A Different Kind of Human (C) HG 1st, 2nd overall, Power Championship winner
I’ll Keep You Safe (C) G 2nd
Waiting (J) G 3rd
Dark River (J) 1st, 8th overall
Boots (J) G
Colby MACKENZIE (L) HG 1st
Gabriela Garbutt (T) G 2nd
Alicia Garbutt (C) HG 3rd
Skaters Waltz (BDC) G
Masquerade Ball (BDC) G 3rd
Nanami Kato (J) G 1st
Vienna Cipparrone (J) G
Brooke Bourgaize (J) G *(amazing energy)
Danica Howieson (J) HS
Katie Pires (J) G 3rd
Marissa Pauluzzi (J) G
Kristina Vrastil (J) HS
Ariel Cai (J) HG 1st, 5th overall
Emme Amado (J) G
Brooklyn Macintyre (J) G *(beautiful smile)
Ella Xiong (J) G 2nd
Last Dance (T) G 2nd
Boys (T) HG 3rd, * Choreography of the day
Kaede Takai (J) HS
Ada Pan (L) HG 1st
Emily Dickson (L) G 3rd
She Moves (C) G
Brooke Sveinson (J) G 2nd
Ada Pan (J) HG
Rinse & Repeat (J) G
Ava Dickson (S) G

Sienna Lakovic (C) 2nd, 8th high score overall
Royal Palace 1st, 3rd high score overall
Different Kind of Human 1st, 3rd highscore overall
Kayla Ryder (C) 3rd
Time Through 1st
Emme Amado 1st, 9th high score overall
We Be 1st
Groove 1st
Ariel & Nanami 2nd
Skaters Waltz 2nd, 5th high score overall
Alicia & Sienna 1st, 2nd high score overall
Celtic Thunder 2nd, Choreography award-Miss Meredith
Past Present Future 1st, 5th high score overall
Spanish Lace 1st
Dissimulate 1st, 1st high score overall, Rose Gala (Choreo by Miss Liz)

Emily Dickson (J) G
Gabriela Garbutt & Katie Pires (J) G 2nd
Sienna Lakovic (J) HG 1st
Karina Lakher (J) HG 2nd * (Fierce Energy)
Let It Go (A) G
Harmony (A) HG, 1st overall, Choreographer of the week-Aldeana, Power Championship Runner Up
Emily Rosh (L) HG 2nd
Lady Powers (J) HG 1st, 3rd overall
Alexandra & Monica Tanushev (L) HG, 1st,
Emily Rosh & Kayla Ryder (C) HG 2nd
Alicia Garbutt & Sienna Lakovic (C) HG 1st, 1st Overall
Alicia Garbutt (T) G 2nd
Tia Doza (T) G 3rd
Kara Goertz (T) G
It’s Got To Be Funky (T) G 1st
Boom Snap Clap (T) G 2nd
Sienna Lakovic (BC) HG 2nd
Alicia Garbutt (BC) HG 1st *
Everywhere I Go (L) G *, 6th overall

Hater (J) G
Alyssa Oram (L) G
Dentist (S) G
Meet The Moms (S) G
Kaitlyn Shaw (L) HG 3rd
We Be (M) G
Charlotte Lau (HH) G
Spanish Lace (BC) HG, Top Ballet Routine
Ariel Cai, Nanami Kato & Ella Xiong (L) HG 1st, 1st overall
Vienna Cipparrone & Soha Grewal (L) G 2nd
Charlotte Lau (S) G
In The Mood (T) G 3rd
Alicia & Gabriela Garbutt (T) G 1st
Jacqueline Chai & Kayla Zuo (T) G 3rd
Alyssa Oram (J) G
Bling (J) HG 1st
Brooklyn Macintyre (BDC) G 2nd
Ella Xiong (BDC) G
Emme Amado (BDC) G
Reign (A) HG, *
Ariel Cai & Nanami Kato (BC) G,
Who Am I (L) HG 1st, 1st overall, Choreography of the week-Liz Tookey
Nanami Kato (BC) HG 3rd
Celtic Thunder (CB) G
Danica Howieson (BDC) G
Vienna Cipparrone (BDC) G
Kaiya Ardron (BDC) G
Brooke Bourgaize (BDC) G 3rd
Katie Pires (BDC) G 1st
Beach Days (S) G
Waves (C) G 1st
Dissimulate (C) HG 1st, 6th overall
Alicia Garbutt (J) HG 1st, * (consistency in good work ethic)
Gabriela Garbutt (BDC) G
Kayla Zuo (BDC) G
Danika Chan (A) G
Tia Doza & Jade McKinnon (HH) G
Kira Bauldry (T) HG 3rd
Colby Mackenzie (T) HG 1st
Past Present Future (C) HG 1st
Kayla Ryder (BC) G
Sienna Lakovic (C) HG 4th
Karina Lakher (C) HG 1st
Danika Chan (S) G
Kara Goertz (S) G
SuperNa (HH) HG 2nd, Choreographer of the day-Carlo Atienza
Colby Mackenzie (J) G 3rd
Alyssa Oram (C) HG 1st
Chase Powersmith (C) G
Kaitlyn Shaw (C) HG 3rd
Alexandra Tanushev (J) HG 2nd
Chase Powersmith (T) G
Kira Bauldry (C) HG 3rd
Alyssa Oram (M) G
Colby Mackenzie (C) HG 1st, 1st overall
Alicia Garbutt (L) 2nd


*You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Award



HH-hip hop





BDC-ballet/Demi character

CB-contemporary ballet



SD-song & Dance

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